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#1 Commercial Leak Repair And Restoration

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AllPhase Construction has a reputation for being an industry leader in commercial roofing. As a certified Miami-Dade Commercial roofing company we are held to a high standard. We specialize in commercial roof restoration as an alternative to commercial roof replacement. We provide only the highest quality products and we are manufacturer certified applicators.

License: CGC 1513495
License: CCC 1328065

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#1 Commercial Leak Repair And Restoration

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Common Flat Roof Leak Areas

Roof leak repair doesn’t have to be an on going process.  Many building owners continuously are patching the same leaks over and over. Our commercial roof leak repair systems will repair the leak and give you peace of mind.  We use specialized equipment to find the source of the leak.  Once the leak has been identified we create a plan to repair the area and extend the life of the roof.

Stop!  Don’t Replace That Worn Out Roof… Restore It!

Not all roofs have to be replaced, in fact many South Florida roofs qualify for our commercial roof restoration system.  Our commercial roof restoration system is non-invasive to your working operation.   Roof restoration can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over commercial roof replacement.  We have an industry leading warranty along with award winning service.  If your building is leaking and may be in need of roof replacement you should allow us to investigate and educate you on the possible options of roof restoration.

At Allphase Construction of South Florida, Inc., we take the time and put in the effort to produce outstanding results every time. Using quality products, we develop a roof repair system for every situation. Once we have done a leak inspection and have identified the source we will develop a repair plan. Some roofs are simple and require a small acrylic coating with fabric reinforcement. Bigger jobs may require complete roof restoration but typically we can avoid you having to pay those large roof replacement costs.

Whether it was a recent roof inspection that has turned up a leak, or you discovered it the hard way, a qualified roofer is your answer to effectively and efficiently repairing roof leaks. Roof leaks can develop years before an entire roof needs to be replaced, causing localized damage, usually due to cracked seams or mechanical penetration areas.

When your roof is leaking or appears to be damaged, don’t take risks. A little roof leak can turn into a major problem. Call Allphase Construction of South Florida, Inc. at the first sign of trouble. Contact Us for more information  877-680-7663.

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